The Project

DEEP.Com was a multilateral project, funded by the Lifelong learning program, Key Activity 4: Dissemination and Exploitation of results. The Consortium consisted of ten experienced organisations from the educational and business sector, combining their expertise for the project.

DEEP.Com for Project Managers

DEEP.Com assists you as project manager to firstly market your product for commercial success. It also helps you to make contact with potential users, by utilising existing bodies e.g. trade unions, teacher and trainer associations, chamber of commerce, industrial bodies, ministries and HR organisations, by offering you the possibility to find licensees for your products. An online interchange of licensing opportunities will generate a permanent market for your products.

DEEP.Com for Businesses

DEEP.Com assists you as owner, manager or HR specialist of a business, to identify and select potential cash cow products developed in EU projects.
You can make contacts with project managers and co-ordinators in order to find potential products. By utilising the offered Best Practice examples, e-learning modules and other service tools you learn about available innovative EU project results as well as licensing opportunities in the partner countries of DEEP.Com.


By offering appropriate online services and training, respectively e-learning, in the main European languages DE, FR, ES and IT for Grundtvig project co-ordinators e.g. Marketing Mix and market requirements, Grundtvig project results can be turned more easily into “stars”. They are earning money way beyond the lifespan of the original project, and – very importantly – also increasing the impact of Lifelong Learning Programme, while linking project results to potential costumers opens and establishes new commercial avenues. With the translation of the services of DEEP.Com EU-Xchange “DEEP.Com goes Mobile” allows more project managers to make contact with potential buyers in more languages, without having to invest own resources. Adult Education Institutions can receive license fees from those, who have a need for new and innovative products, but have no R&D department at hand. Obtaining a license for high-potential products with the capacity to make a profit, serves all parties: Adult Education Institutions earn money and can constantly up-date their project results, licensees get ahead of competitors due to innovative products and the European Commission is seen as a source of great commercial benefits.

Aims of DEEP.Com goes Mobile:

  • translating the EU-Xchange services developed in DEEP.Com (commercialising adequate EU-project results/products by transitioning those into market products incl. branding and marketing)
  • including online-support for project managers covering all stages of marketing – USP, 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix (product, price, place, promotion)
  • including e-learning material, supporting project managers in transition of their products
  • establishing the DEEP.Com – EU-Xchange platform in four other main languages of Europe as there are DE, IT, ES and FR
  • developing mentoring and coaching services in a blended system containing online, telephone and face-to-face activities in the countries concerned
  • increasing the high-profile and publicity of EU projects/products
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