Services for Grundtvig Project Managers

DEEP.Com specifically offers an online platform called EU-Xchange for:

  • e-learning tool kit for project managers/co-ordinators
  • information about marketable project results for potential users/licensers and licensees
  • legal and practical info for project managers/co-ordinators/licensers

DCGM develops and establishes specific support for GRU Project Managers about Marketing and Commercialisation of project’s results, guiding them through the process of transition and offering additional services like training, mentoring and coaching.

The contents are relevant to the needs and feasibility of GRU Projects Managers.

This service is offered free of charge for the duration of the project DEEP.Com goes Mobile.

[spoiler title=”Online support” style=”2″]

You can find:

  • a Marketing & Licensing blog where Grundtvig Project Managers can exchange experiences, ask questions and receive answers from peers and marketing experts about important issues concerning the marketing of EU project results

If you want to contact an M&C expert directly instead, please send your question to This e-mail service will be provided only in EN and DE


[spoiler title=”Telephone support” style=”2″]

In order to talk to a Marketing and Commercialisation expert please send an e-mail with your preferred timeslot (each Friday between 13:00 and 15:00, duration of the call max. ½ hour) to We will then confirm the appointment and give you further information about the phone call.

The service will be provided only in EN and DE


[spoiler title=”Face-to-Face support” style=”2″]

DCGM wants to support GRU co-ordinators and managers in sustaining their project results beyond the lifespan of their projects, so it offers you Face-to-Face personal coaching sessions through three kinds of events:

  1. Development Meeting

Project managers will be supported by a Marketing & Commercialisation Expert to develop a Marketing and Commercialization Strategy & Action Plan

  1. Mentorship

Project managers will be supported by a Marketing & Commercialization Expert to implement a Marketing and Commercialization Strategy & Action Plan

  1. Workshops & Trainings

Project managers will be better prepared and skilled for developing and implementing a Marketing and Commercialisation Strategy & Action plan, after attending a workshop and training for Best Practice and knowledge exchange with a local M&C Expert

The face-to face services will currently be provided in Austria, France and Italy. Please contact the relevant partner for more information.