The KA4 project “DEEP.Com – – Dissemination and Exploitation of EU Projects: Transition to Commercialisation”, funded from 2011-2013, has developed an online platform called EU-Xchange, providing services for EU project managers and partners to support them in marketing their project results after the project duration.

This accompanying measure «DEEP.Com goes Mobile» takes DEEP.Com – EU-Xchange a step further, by offering the services of DEEP.Com – EU-Xchange beside English also in the main European languages DE, ES, FR and IT. Project managers of Grundtvig projects are invited to look into the market potential of their project results and move those into the profit realm, beyond the lifespan of the original project.

As Grundtvig managers are usually not as familiar with commercialising their project results, additional services are offered. DEEP.Com – EU-Xchange is expanded by installing an online coaching and mentoring system for GRU project managers, which traditionally are more interested in the educational side of things. For this target group the consortium is developing the «mobile» support, which shall include online, telephone and face-to-face support.

In each of the partner countries the mentioned services are made available during the duration of «DEEP.Com goes Mobile» and beyond to all project managers of Grundtvig projects since the programme started.

This way Grundtvig project managers can already check the market potential of their planned project results during the application stage and make sure their products meet the market needs as well as the needs of the end users. Eventually Grundtvig project results will generate income for the consortia in the long run and promote the innovative and creative potential of people and organisations involved in Adult Education around Europe.